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Steps to Begin a Passive Search for a New Position

Steps to Begin a Passive Search for a New Position

Steps to Begin a Passive Search for a New Position

Maybe you are not actively applying to job listings, making calls to potential employers, or floating your resume to industry contacts. However, would you be open to an exciting new employment opportunity if it presented itself to you? If a recruiter or employer reached out to you to discuss an open position, would you listen? It may be time to begin a passive job search. When that new job comes knocking, it can pay dividends to take a few easy steps now to ensure you are ready.

Define Your Goals 

What exactly would it look like if the ideal job opportunity landed in your inbox? Have an idea about which types of jobs you are open to, what industries you’d be willing to consider, and which geographic or schedule stipulations are important to you.

Keep Current

Having your resume and LinkedIn profile up-to-date will make things much easier if a potential employer reaches out. Periodically review these materials to make sure your strengths are highlighted. Add any recent accolades or developments, and update the tone and appearance. Stay abreast of current events, especially the happenings within your industry. This will help address questions and stimulate conversation during screenings or interviews. These practices will also help improve your knowledge and awareness in your current role in the meantime.

Enhance Your Network

There is one thing that follows you to every job and location you explore over the course of your career: your network. You never know where your coworkers may end up, or where help might come from, so taking time to expand your network in your current role is a worthwhile endeavor. Make an effort to maintain your existing relationships and regularly touch base with coworkers you may not interact with on a daily basis. Reaching out to and establishing relationships with individuals outside your firm will also help you in your career, regardless of whether you eventually accept a new opportunity or continue in your current role.

Monitor the Marketplace

To avoid being shell-shocked when an opportunity arrives, be aware of what’s out there. Periodically screen job listings in your desired industry and get an idea of which companies have the culture and reputation you’re looking for. Having a solid grip on the marketplace and the key players within it will serve you well when it comes time for interviews, and your knowledge and research will certainly be viewed in a positive light.

While you may not be actively seeking new employment, it may be time for you to begin a passive search. Following these suggestions will take minimal time and effort but will ensure you are ready to evaluate potential opportunities. It will also streamline the screening and hiring process once a door opens.

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