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How to Tell if a Candidate Is the Right Fit

How to Tell if a Candidate Is the Right Fit

How to Tell if a Candidate Is the Right Fit

When your company makes a hire, you are adding more than a resume to your bottom line. Your company is taking on a dynamic individual who will affect the workflow and experience of your team and help shape the culture of your company. Making sure a candidate is the right fit has never been more important. It has also become more difficult in an increasingly remote economy. Our extensive experience with identifying quality candidates has given us insight on how to find a great match. Here are some timely indicators to consider when adding to your organization.

They Have Relevant and Impressive Experience.

You want your team members to be capable and competent. If a candidate enters the picture with a host of transferable skills and industry know-how, it will make the transition and training much more seamless. The prospective hire’s resume should speak to their success in the field they are applying for. Do not overlook someone who has an idea what will be required of them, and has a record of succeeding at it.

They Have Done Their Research.

It’s no secret that candidates may be interviewing for multiple jobs, or even weighing several offers. A candidate that has done their due diligence on the opportunity before them is a prime indicator that they are a detail-oriented and resourceful individual. The interviewee should be able to discuss their interest in joining your team, what aspects of your company drew them in, and have base-level knowledge of your position in the industry as a whole. Candidates who are the right fit will have a grasp of what makes your company unique. They should be able to articulate how they fit into that dynamic.

They Are Strongly Endorsed.

A candidate who will integrate well and bolster your team has likely had similar experiences in their previous roles. Reach out to the candidate’s references and inquire about the individual’s attitude, work ethic, and results. If you have contacts that have worked at the same firm or attended the same school, ask if they have any insight into the prospective hire’s ability. Glowing reviews from people who have worked with the candidate, especially if they are individuals whose opinions you trust, are an excellent sign that the candidate works well with others and will be a valuable addition to your team.

They Have the Right Attitude.

You want the individual you bring on board to enhance your work environment and positively influence those around them. In the screening process, gauge the candidate for signs of positivity, sincerity, and drive. Research shows that employees who experience encouraging and lower-stress work environments perform better and stay longer. It’s best to ensure that each member you add to the team is furthering those goals. Look for an individual who has demonstrated that they are team-centric, results-driven, and enthusiastic.

Finding the right candidate for your role can be a challenge. Your company is unique, as is each individual who applies for it. For over 10 years, Unity has specialized in creating long-term partnerships for accounting, finance, tax, IT, and HR professionals. Our vision of doing what is best for both the employer and the candidate through expertise, commitment, trust, and a diverse network will help your company find long-term solutions. At Unity, we view ourselves as more than your recruiter; we view ourselves as your consultant. Partner with us today.