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Episode 10

Unity Search Business Development

On this episode of Unity Talks, host David Cathey, partner at Unity Search, talks with three Unity colleagues: Mario Ramos (Senior Manager, Business Development), Rebecca Ragsdale (Senior Manager, Business Development) and Marcie McCarver (Business Development Manager).

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Unity Talks.

Hosted by the hiring experts of Dallas-based recruiting firm Unity Search, Unity Talks features lively discussion with successful business leaders regarding their career path to success, obstacles overcome to become successful, and steps they have taken to remain on top of their profession.
David Cathey

The Host

David is a Partner over the Consulting/Contract Division at Unity Search. He oversees the consulting/contract practice development, including training and development of our core team members, along with client development, relationship management and candidate recruiting. David’s experience includes 15+ years of executive recruiting on both a direct hire and consulting/contract recruiting basis.  


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