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Key Advice for Advancing Your Career as a Tax Professional

Key Advice for Advancing Your Career as a Tax Professional

Key Advice for Advancing Your Career as a Tax Professional

Advocating for yourself in the workplace is important. There will always be new opportunities to grow in your career, as long as you are strategic and hone your skills. As a tax professional, there are several key tactics you can utilize to successfully demonstrate your ability and qualifications to employers and potential employers. The tax professionals at Unity Search outline some steps to help you take that next step towards advancing your career as a tax professional. 

Grow Your Network

Good connections go a long way. This is especially true inside the office. To advance your career, you should be constantly expanding your internal network. One option to expand your network is to volunteer for cross-departmental projects, where you will quickly learn more about how other parts of your organization function, and you will interact with a broader group of colleagues you wouldn’t have otherwise. When new opportunities arise, you will be a more attractive internal candidate because of your versatility and commitment to the company; and you never know who might recommend you for a promotion or position. 

Pick Your Boss’s Brain

A good boss recognizes the value of building up their team members. Keeping this in mind, you should recognize the value of maintaining an open dialogue with your boss about your goals. Use your boss as a source of feedback and advice. If you want to know what you need to do to take the next stop, being honest and direct about that with your boss will go a long way. After all, they will make the final decisions when it’s time for promotions.

Keep an Eye on Company Goals

Take a moment to understand what your company wants to accomplish this year. If it is rolling out new initiatives, pay attention to what they are. Even better, if an initiative or goal falls within your area of expertise, find out how you can get involved. Not only are you capitalizing on what you do best, you are making sure the right people take notice. If you can advance company goals, it will serve as an excellent bargaining chip when it comes time to discuss your performance.

Build Your Case

There will come a time when you must discuss your performance with your boss. Keep that in mind and start to prepare well in advance. Keep track of what you have accomplished, including any projects you have led, any personal goals you set and achieved—it is easier to build your argument for upward mobility when you have supporting evidence. Start working on it early.

Speak Up

Sometimes, management will notice high-performers and make a point to promote them. But often, it is the people who advocate for themselves who are given more responsibility. While all people should self-advocate, a female tax professional should make it a point to do so. Research shows that women ask for less during salary negotiations. Buck this trend and recognize your value.

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