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Key Skillsets Companies are Looking for in HR Talent

Key Skillsets Companies are Looking for in HR Talent

Key Skillsets Companies are Looking for in HR Talent

Human resources has evolved into a critical business function that consists of recruiting talent and keeping them engaged while supporting their growth. You would be hard-pressed to find an aspect of a business that is not impacted by HR in some form. In order to be successful, there are a few key HR skillsets you will need to develop. Read on to find out what they are.

Active Listening

Human resources are a vital part of any successful business for several reasons. HR professionals ensure a company has the right talent by overseeing the hiring of employees who fit into the company’s culture and can help achieve set goals. Good HR professionals must strike a balance between maximizing employee productivity while minimizing turnover rate. As such, HR professionals must be active listeners, as they are the bridge between leadership and employees. Keeping channels open for employees to communicate openly is key, and a relatable yet practical tone goes a long way. HR professionals should understand what employees communicate and how to address it. It is a delicate balancing act that successful HR talent navigates on a daily basis.

Learning Capacity

Just as the world is in constant evolution, so are the responsibilities of HR talent. As a result, successful HR professionals must be willing and able to adapt. They must be comfortable with learning emerging technology like recruitment management software, customer relationship management platforms and work climate tools. HR professionals must also have the analytical capabilities to translate goals into specific actionable steps.  

Administrative Skills

As an HR professional, you will often be required to complete management-related tasks like meeting with stakeholders, filing paperwork and responding to written questions from staff members. If you aspire to be a leader in HR, you’ll need to effectively manage your department and keep it running smoothly. You will need to solve problems and resolve issues with staff while keeping their working environment productive. Experience completing administrative tasks will go a long way towards a prosperous career in human resources. Embrace the learning curve!

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