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Embracing a New Chapter: Choosing a Career in Technology

Embracing a New Chapter: Choosing a Career in Technology

Embracing a New Chapter: Choosing a Career in Technology

Embracing a new chapter in your professional path can be challenging. However, choosing a career in technology also can be rewarding.

Working in technology provides a range of opportunities to fill diverse goals, skills, and interests. As a result, you can build a career in technology that is right for you.

Follow these guidelines to embrace a new chapter and build a career in Technology.

Decide What You Want from Your Career in Technology

Consider your passions, how much money you want to earn, and what makes you happy professionally. For instance, you might enjoy helping others, solving problems, or demonstrating creativity. Then, use your findings to begin researching technology career options to determine which path might be best for you.

Determine Which Technology Role You Desire

Research roles that align with your chosen career in technology. Determine which one best fits your goals, transferrable skills, and interests. For instance, read technology job descriptions, watch day-in-the-life videos on YouTube, and participate in webinars about technology careers and technology trends.

Schedule Informational Interviews

Use LinkedIn to connect with technology professionals in the role you desire. Then, set up 15- to 30-minute informational interviews to learn more about the role.

Have a list of questions ready to ask during each interview. Gather insight into each professional’s qualifications and experiences.

Determine whether you see yourself succeeding in the role. If so, ask whether the company is hiring, and the professional will refer you. Or request advice to secure a similar role with a different company. If not, look for a technology role that would better suit you.

Research Technology Training Options

Determine which skills are relevant to the technology role you desire. Then, find self-study boot camps, platforms, or courses to develop these skills. Sources include GitHub, CompTIA, Coursera, Udemy, and

Consider Technology Certification

Research certification options relevant to the career in technology you desire. Then, determine how you can earn the desired certification. Sources include Google, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, and CompTIA.

Tailor Your Technology Resume

Review the language in the job description for the role you desire. Then, include your relevant knowledge, skills, and experience in your resume.

Include relevant technology keywords throughout your resume. Also, clarify how your transferrable skills equip you for the role. These elements help your resume get past an applicant tracking system (ATS) and to the hiring team for a potential interview.

Consider a Contract Position

Take on a part-time job to gain hands-on experience for your technology career. Or secure a temporary or direct-hire job through a local staffing agency that specializes in technology. Gaining experience increases your marketability and the odds of landing a technology job.

Are You Ready to Start Your Career in Technology?

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