Where Our Recruiters Come From

At Unity Search, we are dedicated to sourcing the best employment solution for your situation by focusing on the needs and aspirations of the person that matters most…you. Our dedicated staffing professionals approach each case with the intention of creating long-term partnerships between qualified candidates and firms that match their goals and values.

How exactly do our recruiters know how to accomplish this? Where do they come from and what experiences qualify them to tackle these tasks? Keep reading to learn how and why the Unity Search team is positioned to meet the needs of your career or business.

Strong Roots

In order to best serve the candidates and client firms in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and across all of Texas, it’s vital to have a strong connection to the largest metro areas in Texas. At Unity, we take pride in our home-grown recruiters and leadership. All five of the partners at Unity received their undergraduate and in some cases masters degrees in the state of Texas, and have been working in the area for years. Our firm has been a strongly-established staple in the professional landscape of major Texas cities for 11 years, with our network and client base consistently expanding.

The familiarity with the local market that has come from years of experience in the region, coupled with outside experience at other national firms, has given our recruiters the edge they need to succeed.

Diverse Experiences

Our professionals have spent years of their careers working for national corporations in a wide variety of fields. From CPAs with a career-long accounting background, to tax specialists, to lifetime recruiters, to even a JD, our professionals have garnered a wealth of experience. The diversity of these experiences adds strength to the Unity arsenal and helps our firm remain at the forefront of finding and sourcing the best talent across several industries.

Every team needs individuals with a myriad of skills to address complex problems and offer innovative solutions. Unity certainly fits that bill.

Subject Matter Experts

One of the hallmarks of Unity’s effectiveness at developing best-in-class placements for our client firms and candidates is the expertise of our individual recruiters. Many of our staffing professionals have migrated their careers from working in a role to hiring professionals for that role.

Because much of our staff has, at one time, held a specialty role in accounting, finance, tax, information technology, or human resources, they know what it takes to succeed in similar roles. As these professionals have migrated into the professional recruiting space, their hard-earned experience helps them to source the best candidates and properly evaluate their skills. Because of this, Unity’s recommendations and referrals to our clients are strong and reliable.

Partner with Unity

At Unity Search, we are dedicated to providing the best employment solutions for the DFW area. For 10+ years, Unity has specialized in creating long-term partnerships between accounting, finance, tax, IT, and HR professionals and firms that fit their goals. We pursue this by focusing on the needs and aspirations of the individual who matters most…you. We will help you navigate the entire process from start to finish – from initial job posting to final offer. At Unity, we view ourselves as more than your recruiter; we view ourselves as your consultant. Partner with us today.