Emerging IT Trends That Will Impact the Future of Your Business

Not too long ago, IT professionals were thought of as people who connected wires and helped install and maintain large pieces of computer equipment. While this type of work still exists, the breadth of knowledge the modern IT professional is encouraged and even required to master goes far beyond the physical.

As technology develops at an unprecedented pace, and networks need continually stronger security and faster processing speeds, tech teams are tasked with increasingly urgent and imperative responsibilities. The market is changing, and your business and team will need to adapt to survive. Here are some of the most exciting and powerful IT trends that will shape your business in the coming months and years.

Put It On the Cloud

In today’s corporate environment, storing your data in-house is becoming less common and practical. Cloud technology has taken the tech world by storm in the last 10 years, offering more streamlined data storage as well as enhanced security. Because the majority of cybersecurity threats originate from user-based attacks to individuals, outsourcing the management of private and sensitive data to a more robust network helps keep your business safer and your network running faster.

As more businesses move to the cloud, the number of cloud providers and the flexibility of cloud solutions has also rapidly expanded. Businesses can opt for multi-cloud solutions across several providers, as well as hybrid options with some data stored in-house and some on the cloud. As the technology becomes more readily available to small businesses, you can expect your firm to invest in cloud capabilities to free up your operating space and enhance security.

Better Cybersecurity Options

Data is the prize that many hackers are after. Cyber attacks are growing at horrifying rates due to enhanced sophistication and targeting strategies. Masquerading as familiar email addresses, phishing programs lure unsuspecting employees to forfeit important information and access to data that is used to take down networks and cause major financial losses.

On the flip side, while hackers are getting stronger and smarter, so is cybersecurity. The space is welcoming tons of startups looking to capture a share of the growing market offering affordable, robust solutions for small businesses. As you look to strengthen your network security, the availability of high-quality options in the competitive cybersecurity space will only increase with time.

AI Can Help

Think artificial intelligence is a pipe dream like flying cars? Think again. In several industries including finance, healthcare, and education, AI is already serving a valuable purpose of screening data, identifying patterns, and helping institutions comply with vast regulation codes. Even in the recruiting sphere, we see potential down the line for this technology to help with the identification and vetting of candidates.

Regardless of the nature of your business, there is a strong chance that AI can help automate certain processes and cut down on man-hours in the coming years. Keep an open mind and be prepared to make an investment in this exciting new technology.

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