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Tips for Landing Top Accounting Jobs

Tips for Landing Top Accounting Jobs

Tips for Landing Top Accounting Jobs

A love for numbers and data. Strong analytical skills. Acute attention to detail. Solid business acumen. You’ve got these qualities and more in spades, and it’s led you down the rewarding path of accounting. Now, you’re at the point where it’s time to start considering your next career move.

As the accounting industry grows in the U.S., here’s how to stay at the top of your game, and ahead of the competition.

Get Certified

Accounting certifications are a great way to demonstrate your expertise and increase your chances of landing top accounting jobs. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a widely-recognized certification required for many accounting positions, and ultimately, the coveted industry gold standard.

Earning a CPA will place you ahead of the competitive pack when it comes to catching the attention of future employers.

Keep Developing Your Soft Skills

Accounting isn’t just about crunching numbers or wrestling with complex budget line items; it also requires excellent communication, problem solving and analytical skills. These soft skills are critical to success in any accounting job and highly valued by employers.

Hone your soft skills to set you apart from other candidates for top accounting jobs. Consider taking courses or attending workshops on communication, leadership and problem solving as part of your ongoing learning.

Build Up That Network

Creating and building relationships with other professionals in the field can help you learn about job opportunities, gain advice and make relevant, valuable connections that may lead to prime job offers.

Attend industry conferences and events, join professional associations and connect with colleagues on platforms such as LinkedIn. Branching out and connecting with key decision makers in the industry increases your chances of landing a better gig.

Customize Your Credentials

To land an interview, you first need to advertise yourself to the world, and a tailored cover letter and resume is the way to do it. Both should highlight your qualifications and achievements relevant to the specific accounting job you’re applying for.

By tailoring your application materials to the job description, you demonstrate that you’ve read and understood the requirements of the position and are a good fit for the job.

Be Persistent, But Patient

Your pursuit of accounting is an ongoing journey. Keep refining your skills. Network with more people in the industry. And most of all, keep applying for relevant job opportunities! Your persistence and determination will pay off in spades — count on it.

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