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Qualities to Look For in Your Search Partner

Qualities to Look For in Your Search Partner

Qualities to Look For in Your Search Partner

When your company is looking to expand its team, the task can seem daunting in the current talent marketplace. Finding a candidate that fits your firm’s culture, will add to your bottom line, and is open to the opportunity is a tall order. Aligning with a Search Partner can streamline and simplify this process. By connecting top-notch talent to well-suited roles, an effective search partner is invaluable in today’s economy. Here are the key qualities you should look for in your ideal search partner:

A Proven Track Record 

Just as a candidate for a job should have relevant experience, it’s important for your prospective search partner to have a proven track record of placing qualified candidates in mutually beneficial situations. Your search partner should have years of expertise in your industry and be familiar with the current talent market vying for the most pressing roles. You should feel confident in the strength of your search partner’s employment network and research capabilities.

An Interest in Your Goals

Finding a new team member for your business should be more than a transaction that pays the bills for your search partner. Their service offering should be comprehensive, and they should customize their search plan and candidate list to your company’s specific needs. Each candidate is unique, and so is each company they apply to. Your search partner should take the time to understand your firm, its goals and values, and strive to find the ideal candidate for your role.

The Right Approach

Most importantly, the search partner you choose to work with should treat you well. Your campaign should be seamless and transparent, with easy touch points between your hiring team and your search partner. Your search firm should put you first, and your working relationship should be pleasant and effective.

Partner with Unity

Finding the right candidate for your role can be a challenge. Your company is unique, and your goals and culture are important to the identity of your business. Unity specializes in creating long-term partnerships for accounting, finance, tax and IT professionals. Our leadership team has over 65 years of business and recruitment experience, and we want to help you tap into that knowledge.

Our vision of doing what is best for both the employer and the candidate through expertise, commitment, trust, and a diverse network will help your company find long-term solutions. At Unity, we view ourselves as more than your recruiter; we view ourselves as your consultant. Partner with us today.