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How to Attract Future-Proof IT Talent

How to Attract Future-Proof IT Talent

How to Attract Future-Proof IT Talent

An organization thrives when everyone is a part of the team.

During periods of turnover, when goals are unclear and team members are struggling to keep up with their duties, companies can struggle. Texas is no stranger to the effects of the Great Resignation. Workers across all industries — including IT — are looking for new opportunities that fit their lifestyle. This means many organizations are looking for new employees, as well. Knowing the best hiring practices will help fill open roles. When you are searching for future-proof IT talent, it is important to consider what makes an organization — and individuals — successful. 

Consider these tips to hire better and find quality, long-term employees.

Stay Current

Technology in the 21st century has evolved rapidly and shows no signs of slowing. Plus, after COVID ran through and introduced new technology and ways to do business, it feels like we hit a speed boost and banana peel in Mario Kart at the same time. We are being propelled into the future which can be hard to control. 

While it can be difficult to constantly keep up with the latest and greatest technology, try to maintain some level of fluency with new technology, software and ways of doing business. Apply newfound knowledge and skills in your daily operations to show outside talent that you don’t just talk the talk, but you walk the walk. Stay open to new ideas when they come across your desk, especially from your new hires. When an organization and team lead shows they are open to ideas and willing to try new things, they are more likely to attract and retain quality employees. 

Keep Roles and Responsibilities Clear

It is difficult to hit a moving target and impossible to hit a target you don’t even know exists. The best hiring practices include keeping responsibilities clear and consistent for your current employees. When employees understand how their role fits into the entire operations of a team, they have opportunities to meet their expectations confidently while still being pushed to exceed those expectations. Organizations will flourish when employees at all levels can exceed expectations and meet their goals. Outside talent will recognize this success and will want to be a part of it, too.

To ensure you attract future-proof talent, set clear goals and keep the team duties consistent. In interviews, team members can confidently share their role and how the new hire will fit in with the team. If a target is constantly moving or if your employees aren’t even aware of certain targets, they won’t successfully hit them. Constantly changing responsibilities mean asking employees to do more than what they can or know how to do. 

Of course, change happens and responsibilities may shift from time to time. When this happens, you’ll be able to address the changing needs because your team will understand what needs to be done and how they can adapt their own roles. Clear, consistent responsibilities help people know what is expected of them and helps them prepare accordingly.

Encourage Team Growth

When a potential hire recognizes opportunities for growth, they will see a long-term future with the company. New talent doesn’t have to be ready for an executive role, but if you can gauge where they want their career to go, you can help them get there by providing and encouraging opportunities for growth. Promote opportunities to attend conferences and try new things during the interview or onboarding processes. Share your ideas for the future of the company and ask your employees for their ideas, too. When your IT staff recognize opportunities to learn, grow and develop professionally, they will be more likely to settle in for the long-term. This goes for future-proof new talent as well as your current staff. It is never too late to provide and encourage growth opportunities. Listening to your employees and interviewees will make a world of difference in the future of your team. 

Hire With Unity Search

The IT industry is ever-evolving. Having a team of talented IT professionals who can keep up with the changes and adapt to new technologies and ways of doing things will boost your organization’s productivity and outcomes. Finding future-proof talent who will be with you for the long-term comes down to promoting opportunities and growth while setting clear goals for your team. When you do this, you will build a team you feel confident in. You will be able to fill management roles and promote from within, you will have the latest industry knowledge at your fingertips, and you will retain top IT talent. 

Finding a future-proof IT team doesn’t have to be difficult. Use the best hiring practices and partner with Unity Search. We look past short-term solutions and deliver qualified IT candidates to your firm. We’ll help you find the best team of talented IT professionals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond. Our partners will listen to your needs and help you build your team. Contact Unity Search to get started on finding quality employees for the best future-proof talent today.