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3 Reasons to Work with Executive Recruiters

3 Reasons to Work with Executive Recruiters

3 Reasons to Work with Executive Recruiters

In true “make it or break it” mode, companies and enterprises know all too well that their future profits and, well, their future at all, rests squarely on the shoulders of the right executives and senior management staff populating their C-Suites — the decision makers guiding business in the right direction. 

The stakes are high, but they’re even higher when it comes time to look for someone new to fill a vacancy as an exalted, experienced executive expert. They need to be the right fit and bring with them the industry knowhow and acumen to succeed in the role.

And while it might initially seem logical to post a job advertisement online and wait for the resumes to roll in, this can be a fruitless endeavor for a number of reasons. So why should enterprises work with executive recruiters to find the best candidates? Here are three reasons why.

#1: Executive recruiters bring expertise to the table.

Internal recruiters on your staff may have the right skills to search for, vet, recruit and successfully hire for key positions. But they may not have the experience or resources needed to hunt for top-tier executive candidates, and they may limit an enterprise with a small pool of candidates to choose from. 

An executive search firm has the expertise and — more importantly — the reach, to extend a national or international search for the right candidate(s). Using their extensive network of thousands of qualified professionals, they can cast a wider net to increase a company’s chance of identifying and attracting the ideal candidate; “passive” executive candidates who may be open to new opportunities, but won’t necessarily be browsing job boards online.

#2: They’re mindful of costs and the clock. 

Time is money, and an executive search firm can save both. Companies with solid recruitment and human resources staff in place may still find themselves clocking in dozens, if not hundreds, of hours to conduct their own executive search. And the longer the search takes, the longer a C-Suite vacancy sits open. And the more it costs the company — not just in recruitment expenses, but in turnover costs and potential budgetary losses without the right leadership in place.

Granted, the best executive recruiters demand higher fees for their services, but with the time they can save a company in getting straight to the heart of a candidate search, it’s also ultimately a cost savings in the long run.

#3: They know the tricks of the trade. 

Executive recruiters’ low-key, discrete methods and ability to anticipate and navigate professional pitfalls are part of their stock and trade. Many companies in search of a new executive candidate may not want to advertise they’re looking to hire, since it could tip off competitors looking to get an edge in business dealings. Likewise, prospective candidates may not want their current companies to know they’re interviewing — or, a company looking to replace an executive wants to keep their search private so as not to alert current staff. Maybe an enterprise is looking to woo a candidate from a competitor (or even an ally) and needs an expert who can deftly handle these types of delicate scenarios.

Executive recruiters can keep these movements on the secretive side, communicating only with key decision makers at a company and those in charge of the hiring process. They have the ability to conduct business as privately as possible, yet produce effective, thorough results without making their intentions public knowledge.

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