When you are searching for the next addition to your team, you may be tempted to survey your applicant pool and conclude that the best candidates have yet to apply.

Yes, there’s a chance that your dream candidate will slip in an application right before the deadline. However, there is a more realistic chance that a number of candidates among your existing applicants could fulfill the duties of the job excellently.

If you drag your feet on moving forward with solid, qualified candidates – or worse, sending rejection notices without interviewing any of the applicants – you run the risk of willfully sending away your best applicants. Ouch.

At Unity Search, we specialize in evaluating candidates and matching them to roles that fit the needs of both the employer and the applicant. We can demystify the hiring process and help identify what a great candidate for your open position looks like. The applicant pool can be overwhelming – we can simplify it. Consult your local recruiting experts at unitysearch.com today to move towards a better team tomorrow.